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þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg! (As that passed over, so will this)

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(This lovely happy!tied!Frodo! icon was made by wyna_hiros http://wynahiros.deviantart.com)

I am currently a Ph.D student (Public History) and college history instructor in Mordor (California). I write a hobbit darkfic you love to hate. Fear Me! (place evil laugh here)

Here is my fic that you hate.
Ring around the Merry - an AU bookverse Lord of the Rings fanfiction in which Merry holds the Ringbearer captive at Crickhollow "for the salvation of the Shire," with baleful results for all. Merry will be corrupted, Pippin will be conflicted, Frodo will start to break, Sam will try to save him, and each of the hobbits will be challenged and changed in unexpected ways.

Here is my life story:

I was raised by wolves until my teens, at which time I was abducted by space aliens and raised on Jupiter. I attended the Plan 9 Academy of Insipid Arts, where I received training on how to survive in a hostile environment (Orange County, CA). SpongeBob is my spiritual guru. I like cheese, but I have no superpowers. Soylent Green is people. Good people.

I might be your teacher, but I'm probably not. I love Tolkien and LOTR and B movies, and folk rock by pale underfed angsty musicians like Elliot Smith and Aimee Mann. I have a car with fishes painted on it. I drink a lot of coffee with more sugar than coffee. Redhook is my favorite beer. I don't write poetry, because if I did, it would suck. I hope my stories do not suck. I'm also a beta, but can't proof my own damn writing. My cat is on the computer staring at me. Mind control.

BTW I am also known as Emma, and have a 4-year-old who does a meanGollum imitation.

And despite all the mean things that happen to Frodo in my fic, I am actually a really nice person. Can you believe I'm a vegetarian for reasons of non-violence (snort!) Oh! The irony!

If you write hobbit fanfic, you should tell me to friend you. I need procrastination tools.

I am doing my research on Native American museums, in case you were wondering! (I know you were not).

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